About JUNE & juli

JUNE & juli is a small, independent jewellery brand founded in 2022 on the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta. Our mission is to create modern, minimalist jewellery designs with timeless elegance and a colourful twist. We draw our inspiration from Malta's rich cultural heritage, its stunning landmarks and vibrant flora. All of our pieces are handmade in our small home studio in Malta, using renewable and recycled materials such as wood and recycled brass - for a uniquely light, natural and modern look.

Be Natural. Be YOUnique.

  • Meet the Founder, Designer & Maker

    Hi there, I am Theresa Boerschlein. Welcome to www.junejuli.com - my small venture into the world of beautiful, fun and colourful jewellery and accessories. In 2017, after almost 15 years in the corporate world, I left my old career behind to explore new paths, travel the world and dedicate time to what I find exciting and important.

    Three continents and more than 30 countries later, my partner Nick and I arrived in Malta... where my passion for graphic design, photography, wood crafting and jewellery led to the creation of JUNE & juli and our unique concept of Fine Wooden Jewellery...

  • Fine Wooden Jewellery by JUNE & juli

    We love working with wood since it is a very lightweight and accessible material. Plus, there are a million things you can do to it, such as carving, engraving, staining or coating (to name just a few). All methods will render completely different results, making this medium the perfect basis for our creative ventures.

    With the right techniques, wood is so mendable that it can even take on a totally different look and feel from what you would usually expect from this material. That's what we experiment with here at JUNE & juli. We engrave, paint and varnish the wood before we add extra shine and sparkle in the form of gemstones, polished & recycled brass or natural shell.

    That's the essence of our Fine Wooden Jewellery.

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